Justice 4 Siham #FreeSiham

1 Year Too Long: Reunite Siham & Naseem

To see the full performance of my 2 a capella songs during the rally to reunite Siham and Naseem, watch the video starting at minute 5:50 on full screen with sound on. For more information about the campaign, please follow Justice4Siham on Instagram, Facebook, and on their website. This action was on November 7th, 2018.

Listen Video Release Party

I hosted this event at Dudley Cafe to release my former band’s (Cathartic Conundrum) first music video, Listen. Since that song is about my experience as an immigrant, I asked Justice4Siham to table and sell merchandise to raise funds for Siham’s legal fund so that she can be reunited with her son. It was an event to uplift and celebrate immigrants through music. Support the campaign here.

Photo Courtesy of Rivka Cohen

Photo Courtesy of Rivka Cohen

Weird Folk Fest

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