Cathartic Conundrum

Cathartic Conundrum (2017-2019) was a trio influenced by Latin rhythms, classical music, jazz harmony, poetic whimsy and surreality. Comprised of saxophone (Jesse Colford), percussion (Nicholas Samuel), piano, ukulele, and voice (Anaís Azul), Cathartic Conundrum used this diverse array of timbres, vivid, visceral imagery and bilingual lyrics (Spanish and English) to tell stories about mental health, existentialism, queerness, politics, and emotionality. Discography includes “Listen” (2018) and “Unlearning” (2019) both mixed and mastered by Carl Bespolka.

All songs were written by Anaís Azul, arranged by Cathartic Conundrum

Video by Rivka Cohen

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Delirio Mundano