Weird Folk Fest 

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Awardee of the 2019 Massachusetts Cultural Council Festivals Grant, we at Weird Folk Fest organize grassroots interdisciplinary arts events that highlight music and artists that have been overshadowed and need space to be listened to. We’ve been organizing events since 2015. Below are some highlights and a record of our events from the past two years!



June 27th, 2019

Arielle Gray

“With food, music, workshops and an opportunity to buy locally made art, Queer Qarnival has a host of offerings for anyone wanting to spend the last weekend of Pride in a LGBTQ+ centered space.”

full article here.

Photos from Queer Qarnival 2018 by Stephanie Houten

Boston Hassle review

January 1st, 2019

Kylie Terra Burnham

“Queer femme folk music just might be my love language… I went there alone, without knowing anyone, to enjoy folk music and support fellow queer femmes—and I left with the start of my community of friends. I’m hoping this festival will recur next year…”

full article here.

Past Events

With Home or With out

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 5.57.26 PM.png

Dudley Cafe

February 16th 2019

Weird Folk Fest partnered with Dudley Café and Y2Y Harvard Square (a student-run shelter) to create an open mic that showcased performance artists in music, poetry, dance, or theatre who self-identify as homeless, formerly homeless or are facing/have faced housing insecurity. All open mic performers were compensated for their time.

Featured Speaker: Oompa

Featured Caterer: Dudley Cafe

Community over Consumption

Make Shift Boston

November 30th, 2018

“Community Over Consumption” intended to create an inclusive celebration that redefines what it means to be in this country during the holiday season. We shared our diverse array of experiences through food, music, community warmth and gratitude on this evening with new and old friends. The event included an open mic, live featured performances, a gratitude tree and potluck. This was co-organized with artist Ava Sophia and hosted by Amanda Shea.

Trans and queer improv night


October 6th, 2018

We invited Queer and Trans musicians, dancers, poets, visual artists, actors, writers, and community organizers to come together, share their art in spontaneous ways, take risks in front of a supportive audience, and create something beautiful together. We partnered with Freedom for All Massachusetts to bring visibility to their Yes on 3 trans rights campaign.

Featured Performers included: Mick Beth and J. Deschene

Queer qarnival

Make Shift Boston

July 21st, 2018

Queer Qarnival is a substance-free community-based Pride alternative celebrating LGBTQ arts and education, We feature intergenerational and interdisciplinary arts collaborations/activities to celebrate and preserve the diverse Queer community in a city threatened by gentrification. At it’s debut, Queer Qarnival featured 11 mainstage performances and education workshops as well as vending from the Cancuba Collective, Harbor Health, Game Over Books, and Boston LGBTQIA Artists’ Alliance. Here’s a video of Petting Kazoo Live.

Queer Femme folk Fest

Aeronaut Brewery

May 27th, 2018

“Queer femme folk music just might be my love language… Enter the Queer Femme Folk Fest, put on last May by Weird Folk Fest (@weirdfolkfest on Instagram and Facebook). I went there alone, without knowing anyone, to enjoy folk music and support fellow queer femmes—and I left with the start of my community of friends. I’m hoping this festival will recur next year…” full article here.

Performers included: Pinkie Promise, Evan Greer, Eleanor Elektra, Hawthorne

PoC Folk Fest

ONCE Ballroom

April 21st, 2018

In April 2018 was the first ever PoC Folk Fest by Weird Folk Fest!

Performers included: Anjimile, Billy Dean Thomas, Nnux and Cathartic Conundrum.

Queer Folk fest No. 2

Dudley Cafe

Saturday March 17th, 2018

an event featuring LGBTQ performers! Come support your local Queer friends while simultaneously supporting one of the community epicenters of Roxbury!

Performers included: Vomitbitch, Petting Kazoo, Eddie Maisonet, The Sunset Kings

Goodbye Magnolia Loft

Magnolia Loft

February 4, 2018

Magnolia Loft had been Weird Folk Fest's favorite community arts space from day one. At the end of February, it closed its doors along with The Space (located below) where WFF had its very first festival in October 2015. We brought in community members to lay musical flowers on the grave of this room full of flowers and created a special dip out of leeks and rose petals to honor the paintings that adorned the walls.

Performers included: BAERD, Petting Kazoo, Two Blind Mice, and Open Mic Performers as seen in this video.

Weird Folk Fest Hearth and Home

House Concert

January 26th, 2018

Concert and artist market featuring 14 vendors raising money for the Amwaj Choir School in Palestine.

Performers included The Group Activity, Petting Kazoo, and Ruthless Moon.

Queer Folk Fest

Magnolia Loft

February 10th, 2017

Performers included: Anjimile, Rafael Natan+Crispin Swank, Mattia Maurée, Sure Fire Cure