I have been teaching bilingual (Spanish and English) songwriting, group piano and group voice since 2016 at the Hyde Square Task Force in Jamaica Plain. In 2017 I taught improvisatory sound composition at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and since then have led group voice and composition workshops internationally. Locally, I teach composition, piano, and voice at Whole Tone Music Academy in Somerville; use the contact form to inquire.

My approach to teaching centers around each student’s goals and intentions for their study. For my composition students, I help them ask themselves questions that will lead them to create the works that they envision. For my piano students, I provide a theoretical approach that allows students to understand anything from pop music, orchestral scores, and jazz. For voice student, I focus on connectedness to the body and its capacity for sound. That said, my strong suits are giving feedback on performance practices, mind-body awareness, composition cohesiveness, and helping develop ease of playing.

Boston Conservatory

December 2018

I workshopped and collaborated with Boston Conservatory Theater students from the Musical Theater and Contemporary Theater Departments to create the a capella choral music for the main stage play “Metamorphoses” directed by Theresa Lang. I led warm-ups, composed ensemble pieces and led sectionals to co-create music with a trio of students who’s songs functioned as transitions and narration.

Group vocal rehearsal with ensemble. Photo by Theresa Lang.

Group vocal rehearsal with ensemble. Photo by Theresa Lang.

Sectional rehearsal with vocal trio. Photo by Theresa Lang.

Sectional rehearsal with vocal trio. Photo by Theresa Lang.

Voices21c at Dragon De Jade

August 2018

This past August 2018 I went on tour with my choir Voices21c to Cuernavaca Mexico at a cultural center El Dragón de Jade where I was a tour coordinator and bilingual (Spanish and English) workshop facilitator for kids ages 6-13 and adults in their 20's and beyond. The kids’ workshop I led captured their rhythmic, lyrical, or melodic ideas to write a song celebrating El Dragón de Jade. I also led a vulnerability exercise with the adults to prepare us to sing Elliot Z. Levine’s setting of “There is No Fear in Love” and lean into the meaning of the words.

Play On Music Festival

May 2018

I was invited to perform with my band Cathartic Conundrum at the Play On Music Festival organized by Yui Kitamura and Ruth Debrot. We led a songwriting and improvisation workshop for middle school students and we were the guest performers of the daylong festival. Below is a video of our interactive performance.