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November 1st, 2018

“Soon Anais Azul was roped in, whose extensive work as a composer and chamber writer adds a surprise element of refined levity to the event.”

“By thinking of hooks and recording vocals in place of the instrument, Thomas was able to push their composition skills to a new level, learning how to break down the layers of a song—harmonies, melodies, beats, instrumental layers—to help flesh it out further with help from Azul.” Nina Corcoran

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The Boton Musical Intelligencer

Transcending Boundaries: COB’s 15 Years

MAY 6, 2016

“…I was pleasantly surprised that I found it quite compelling…Within this restrained rhythm, a range of melodies emerged, some hugely expansive, others more delicate and hesitant.  I did not need to ascribe a specific meaning to the music to feel it as effective and moving.” Liane Curtis 

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BU Today

Taking Note: Student composers begin to make their mark

May 5th, 2016

“I knew she would bring something a little different, and that’s both the exciting and the scary part of commissioning a new work.”

David Feltner

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San Francisco Classical Voice

Coming of Age: John Adams and the Young Composer's Program

February 13, 2014

“It was one day when I was being picked up and [Adams] just said, ‘I’m going out to meet your father,’ and he comes and he introduces himself and he says, ‘you know, she’s really got something, she has real talent’. And that just meant so much to my family, particularly my dad. You know, coming from such a renowned composer and you just wouldn’t expect that. It was an act of true kindness.” Anais Azul

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San Francisco Classical Voice

Anais Azul: Dreams of a Sound Ecologist

April 18, 2013

“The way I make my music I’m not always thinking of the goal or the overall ‘meaning’. But in this case I will dedicate the piece to the victims and families in the (Newtown) Connecticut shootings. And now after these bombings, which were also dedicated to the victims of Newtown, that’s also affected me. The way I think of it is that water connects us all to each other. It's a basic unit of life, and if this piece has a meaning, it’s not what we hold in common in death but about what we share in life and how to appreciate life.” Anaís Azul

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