Justice 4 Siham #FreeSiham

1 Year Too Long: Reunite Siham & Naseem

To see the full performance of my 2 a capella songs during the rally to reunite Siham and Naseem, watch the video starting at minute 5:50 on full screen with sound on. For more information about the campaign, please follow Justice4Siham on Instagram, Facebook, and on their website. This action was on November 7th, 2018.

Listen Video Release Party

I hosted this event at Dudley Cafe to release my former band’s (Cathartic Conundrum) first music video, Listen. Since that song is about my experience as an immigrant, I asked Justice4Siham to table and sell merchandise to raise funds for Siham’s legal fund so that she can be reunited with her son. It was an event to uplift and celebrate immigrants through music. Support the campaign here.

Photo Courtesy of Rivka Cohen

Photo Courtesy of Rivka Cohen

Weird Folk Fest

As co-event planner at Weird Folk Fest, I help organize concerts and interdisciplinary arts events that highlight music and artists that have been overshadowed and need space to be listened to and appreciated. I was brought on to book PoC folk Fest. Since then, I have helped organize Queer Qarnival, Queer Trans Open Mic, and Community Over Consumption. Weird Folk Fest is always looking for new Boston based artists looking for platforms to share their work in a warm, honest way that builds community.

Designed by Lauren Shapiro

Designed by Lauren Shapiro

Upcoming: With and Without home

February 16th 2019, click here for event info.

Community over Consumption

“Community Over Consumption” (November 2018) intended to create an inclusive celebration that redefines what it means to be in this country during the holiday season. We shared our diverse array of experiences through food, music, community warmth and gratitude on this evening with new and old friends. It was a successful event including an open mic, live featured performances, a gratitude tree and potluck. This was co-hosted with artist Ava Sophia.


Qarnival (July 2018, photos above) was an intergenerational and interdisciplinary arts collaborations/activities to celebrate and preserve the diverse Queer community in a city threatened by gentrification. It was a grassroots effort for and by queer artists and completely crowdfunded. We are thankful for all the support we have gotten from the community and hope to make this an annual event! Here is a video of one of the performances that day.

PoC Folk Fest

In April 2018 was the first ever PoC Folk Fest by Weird Folk Fest! Featured artists included Anjimile, Billy Dean Thomas, Nnux and Cathartic Conundrum.