Music for Theater

When working with theater artists, dancers, and interdisciplinary collaborators, I always have a strong focus on the human voice and how we can use it not only for singing but producing sounds to heighten storytelling. I also have a fascination with abandoned instruments (i.e. a rescued melodica and balalaika) and using found objects and body percussion to create soundscapes.


Boston Conservatory at Berklee

December 12-15th, 2018

Theresa Lang, Director
Karen Perlow, Lighting Designer
Rachel Padula Shufelt, Costume Designer
Crystal Tiala, Set Designer
Anaís Azul, Composer and Sound Designer
Erin Kearney, Stage Manager

Performed by Boston Conservatory Students

More info on the process under Educator. Sample below.

The Seagull

Serenbe Playhouse

September 5th-30th, 2018

Rob Brooksher and I teching  The Seagull  on site in Serenbe.

Rob Brooksher and I teching The Seagull on site in Serenbe.

Elizabeth Dinkova, Director

Bubba Carr, Choreographer

An-lin Dauber, Costume Designer

Maranda DeBusk, Lighting Designer

Joel Coady, Production Manager and co-set designer

Barrett Doyle, Co-set designer



Boston Conservatory at Berklee

December 8th and 9th, 2017

Winner of the Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Award and of the Outstanding Sound Design and Composition Award

Devised at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee

“Displaced: a response to Qurban” Boston Conservatory at Berklee

“Displaced: a response to Qurban” Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Directed by Mauricio Salgado

Costume Design by An-lin Dauber

Dramaturgy: James Montano

Composer: Anais Azul

Choreographer: Alli Ross

Stage Manager: Erin Kearney

Performers: Luis Mendoza, Shamarke Yusuf, Suzanne McDonald, Atlee Jensen, Victor Ventricelli, Galiya Zhangbyrshy

The performers were sophomore's of the  Contemporary Theatre Program.

More info on Mauricio Salgado’s website.

Sound samples below.

7 Gorges

DanSe Theatre SurrealiTY

(in progress)

Directed by Lauren Hlubny, 7 Gorges is a dance theater work exploring concepts of being comfortable in your own skin, particularly as a woman identifying individual, in today's current climate. In this work, my role is as a composer, vocalist, and mover narrating the story of birds on a journey to find their loves


Untitled Workshop (playing around kitchen tables)


(In progress)

Directed by Mauricio Salgado, this devised work deals with trauma and the many ways we repress it, express it and how it is triggered. The whole work happens within the span of a meal preparation. Stay tuned for NYC performance in 2019.

Creative Team:

An-lin Dauber (Designer)

Anaís Azul (Composer

Seth Numrich

Mauricio Salgado (Director)

Josiah Davis

Jayne McClendon

Chad Goodridge

Chelsea Ainsworth

Photos by Kyle Netzeband